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the 4th of july was underwhelming.

it was too hot. boilingly so.

the block party surrounding cam's parents' house was too loud, courtesy of a garage band -- literally, they were playing out of a garage -- trapped in the 90s. (cam said they appeared to be playing the entire "singles" soundtrack.)

we were late for lunch because cam needed to rest after his trip to the hospital (poor dear was there from about 5 am to 11).

the neighborhood fireworks display was less crazy than the year before, which was a good thing, but cam, his dad and his uncle still had to hose down the cars in the driveway (and ours on the lawn) and the roof of the house because of the sparks and embers falling from the sky. paul was initially impressed but soon decided that it was all too much for him. we ended up playing inside and watching fireworks on tv instead of going out to watch the real ones twinkling and glittering in the smoky night sky.

after all of that, i think the only real plus to the day was that we didn't have to go to work.



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