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speaking of pantries

we've been a fan of danielle's chocolate cake mix since paul's first birthday -- and the gluten-free pantry's brownie mix is good, too -- but today we learned that their chocolate chip cookie mix is divine. oh my goodness, paul's very first chocolate chip cookie. who would have ever guessed that parents could be so happy to feed their child sweets?

note: the mix calls for the addition of butter, eggs and gluten-free vanilla extract. well. i combined the mix with vegan margarine, ener-g egg substitute and gluten-free vanilla powder. i found the resulting dough to be rather dry, so i added some soy milk. after baking, i was rather startled to see that the dough did not spread. instead the little dough balls sort of relaxed into what cam called "cookie nuggets." but no matter. they were really cute and still really good.



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