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paul: [glumly] daddy broked my bed.

we worked really hard to make paul's bedroom less "adult cute" (cam's words -- how they stung) and more boy-friendly. we strung up a funny night light fixture from ikea that casts different colored stars, moons and planets all over the walls. we put up a little child-safe reading lamp next to the bed. we found him a little nightstand and put a little alarm clock on it. the room was charming. he liked to run in there just to turn his new lights on and off.

on monday night cam somehow broke the bed. i was washing and folding paul's old clothes for storage when cam and paul rather meekly came to see me. at first i thought it was a joke, but soon i saw the wrecked remains for myself.

cam busied himself calling area ikea stores to see if anyone carried this particular bed in stock and if so, could he get a replacement for the cracked rail. computers everywhere said no -- this bed had been discontinued. someone told cam that the side rail for the bed's replacement would fit, so he packed up the cracked rail and headed to carson ikea to see if it would fit.

he returned emptyhanded over an hour later.

we cleaned up the broken pieces and left the mattress on the floor. we're going to go shopping this weekend, i think. cam had talked about fixing the bed, but i'm not crazy about that idea. even if ikea had still had the rail, i don't think i'd want the same bed, anyway. any bed that can be destroyed that easily was discontinued for a reason. the top bunk is still fine and sturdy, as far as i can tell -- i sleep in it every night, after all -- but i'm a bit leery of ikea bunk beds now.



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