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so... cam and i are fixing up our backyard. my mother decided that she didn't want us to work on the section surrounding her house because... well, i'm not entirely sure why. lack of trust, lack of skill, not wanting to impose, i don't know. she told me that she was going to find out the name of a friend's friend's landscaper.

fine, we said, and set to work on our own section.

not hearing from her friend's friend, she told me she was going to contact a local guy -- one that seems to live down the street from us.

he told her he was going to come by the house on a specific time. soon he contacted her and said he'd be by at a different time. then he called and said he'd be by at yet a different time. finally, the moment arrived and he hadn't shown up. curious, we went to the backyard. my mother was on the phone.

she came outside a few minutes later, fuming. after all of those missed appointments, after all of those friendly phone calls, the guy suddenly turned into a royal prick. he told her he needed to know the square footage of the area and that if it was less than a certain amount, it simply wasn't worth his time. he went on and on about how he had been in the business for a gazillion years and how he had many high-powered clients, etc. etc. etc. the icing on the cake: he told her to check out the local pennysaver for someone more suited to this job.

my mom: [thinking] fuck you.

i'm not entirely too sure what's going to happen next, but i have a feeling that i've got a lot of extra yard work ahead of me.



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