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i have to add rihanna's "unfaithful" to the list of videos that are better watched with the sound off. the video sans vocals is already wtf? enough -- pretty girl cavorting with two suitors but clearly in love with herself -- add the closed-captioning and it turns into comedy. (turn on the sound and get a headache.) vanity shots! murderer!

my list of videos to fall into this category is actually really short -- three -- and they all belong to paula abdul. dubious distinction-much? i don't even know what the song is for one of the videos because every time i saw it start up on my tv, i hit the mute button (and i don't think i discovered the joys of closed-captioning for at least a decade). all i remember is that there was a white background and jewelry. sad, just sad.

i heard "unfaithful" on the radio today and was incredulous that it was actually being played somewhere... with sound... without pretty pretty poses... without skin. gah. maybe if i were a part of that age group i'd find the song appealing.



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