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because it's so hot outside -- and because our air conditioner has finally been fixed (yay!) -- i didn't do any outdoor work this past weekend. instead, i started tossing paul's toys into the closet. i have no idea what prompted this impulse declutter, but it was something i had been meaning to do for a long time... and putting it off because i didn't think i should do this until i had containers worthy for under-the-house storage. my method this time around may backfire because all of this closet-tossing could quite possibly one day result in a kratt brothers-style closet catastrophe, but i'd like to think that i'd get a handle on it before that could happen.

once paul's room looked a bit less like toys'r'us, it dawned on me what i could do with the extra space: finally turn this baby playroom ("changing room," says paul) into a big-boy bedroom. brilliant!

it was time for the kangaroo climber to go outside -- that thing takes up some serious room. i put the foam mats outside on the deck and set the climber on top of it (had to bring it out in pieces because it wouldn't fit through the door). cam and i set up a screened tent-thing from target to keep the climber out of direct sunlight. (note: writing on the box claimed that this tent could be set up in less than three minutes. i'm sure that's true if you have a crew of at least four people at your disposal. the two of us? slightly less efficient than that.) paul and i then proceed to spend at least an hour or two playing in our new tent: he wanted to order food from a restaurant ("french fries and diet coke"). he wanted to be a bird ("me flapping away home"). he wanted to race fire trucks down the slide. he wanted to eat a lizard. he wanted to be a jellyfish.

later that day, we went to ikea to buy a mattress. paul started begging to see his grandfather, so cam and i dropped him off on our way home.

once i was back in paul's room, i put the bottom bunk together (remember, the top bunk is in my bedroom -- that's where i sleep because my son won't let me have my bed back) and rearranged some furniture to make the room look a little more grown up. i saw that he needed a little nightstand, so we'll need to pick one up the during our next ikea run, which will probably be sometime in the coming week because cam has something he needs to buy. paul needs a spot o set down an alarm clock because he loves to fiddle with a spare one we have. the boy has figured out how to make the alarm go off whenever he wants -- so you'd think i'd want to hide the clock from him, but who am i to stifle his pre-tech urges?

this morning we brought him to the room when he woke up. (he was asleep when cam brought him home the night before.) cam had said that paul would be thrilled, but my son doesn't like change. he took one look at the bed and shook his head silently. he started to cry when cam told him we needed to go back to work, but fell back asleep in my arms within minutes. i handed him to my mother, who set him on the bed. when we left, he was tucked rather nicely into his new digs, my mother sitting by the bedside. we'll find out tonight what he really thinks of his new room.



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