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i recently purchased two cushions (for my chairs outside) and a etagere-thing (a "spacesaver") for my mom's bathroom from home decorators collection. i had been receiving their catalogs almost since we bought our house, but i never really gave it much thought because i thought it seemed like a pretty shaky place. as far as i could tell from my research when furnishing my house, there was ikea (our level), pottery barn/crate and barrel/restoration hardware (aspirational -- pretty catalogs to copy) and stuff from north carolina we'd never consider because, when it comes down to it, a chair is a chair is a chair. not to say that i didn't enjoy the home-furnishing process -- far from it -- but we had to be realistic. for our age and budget and style, well, we had to figure a way around the north carolina furniture market/fancy mail-order shopping. we visited a lot of local furniture stores and groaned and groaned and groaned.

anyway. so hdc never sat very prominently in my mind. it just didn't. i had read that some people were actually rather happy with their purchase and it was a good value for the money, so when i was researching storage alternatives for my mom's house, i gave their catalog a much more thorough look. i didn't find what i was looking for, but i ended up getting the spacesaver for my mom's bathroom to replace the horrid white tubular thing she had in there already.

the packages arrived this week. my cushions were a pretty shade of green and felt very sturdy. they're sitting outside right now. the spacesaver initially freaked me out because the box wasn't exactly in the greatest condition and there were entirely too many pieces to it. but i assembled it without too much trouble (maybe i was intimidated by the fact that the instructions had words -- if you're an ikea shopping, you know what i mean), and after a tweak or two (the support bar in the back had to be raised to accommodate my mom's plumbing) it is standing quite proudly and nicely in her little bathroom.

i'm pleased. i didn't spend a crazy amount of money (have you seen what patio cushions go for these days? criminal.) and my purchases are as appealing in person to me as they were in the catalog. i may order from them again one of these days.



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