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i totally wanted to love the oxiclean detergent ball-thing. i saw it on tv and was intrigued, so when cam came across a display at target, i just went for it. been using oxiclean for years, so wasn't concerned that it would thrash my stuff.

i used it and it was cool. it was a little strange having a scented laundry again, but it wasn't obnoxious. the rubber ball was pleasing. so what was the problem? it had no staying power. it was supposed to be good for at least 25 loads, but after a paltry weekend's use (maybe 6 loads), i already needed a refill. don't think i'll be buying one unless i see them on clearance. alas. i know that my little danby's wash times are quite long, but it's not like the ball is fully submerged for over an hour at a time. a pity. it was an interesting idea.

of course, i think if i used the detergent ball all the time, paul would think something was missing from the wash.

paul: vinegar?
paul: did you put in the vinegar yet?

we take our laundry very seriously in this house.



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