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this morning i was thinking about how little actions -- daily behaviors, unconscious habits-- might be an interesting view into a person's character, personality, whatever you want to call it. (not that those are necessarily synonymous, mind you.)

after opening three doors in a row, i realized that i always open doors at work the same way. i push it open just far enough to be able to slide out sideways from behind it. no throwing open of doors, no forceful shove on the door or the handle -- just enough energy behind the motion to get the opening big enough for me. at work, this is me. i am unobtrusive. if i could slip under the door, i could. if i can enter an environment unseen, all the better. i don't even want to make a ripple in the air.

i'm going to need to see how i open doors at home. i'm pretty sure i'm not even remotely timid at home -- if doors are opened gently, it might be because someone might be on the other side. paul comes crashing through doorways -- most likely because he's a bold and fearless little boy or because he doesn't quite know his own strength yet (or maybe a combo of the two). i haven't noticed how cam opens doors, yet, but i'll have to watch for that, too.



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