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update on the paper towel holder in the bathroom:

it's up and it actually is quite nice. cam is pleased. (and he should be -- he even shortened a towel rack to make it fit.) i've since seen a prettier one (a shelf that dispenses paper towels from the bottom, but unlike the other one we saw before, it's mdf instead of pvc), but i like the stark obviousness of the one we have. besides, it looks a little odd to have paper protruding from the bottom of a pretty shelf. i do think i need to jazz it up a little, though. maybe stickers?

this morning i had an off moment of reaching for a cloth towel that just wasn't there. i was looking straight at the paper towel dispenser and it simply wasn't registering. i can't even imagine how long it would have taken me to figure that one out if we had bought a shelf unit instead.



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