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paul fell and scraped his knee this morning, my mother tells me.

paul: it hurts! it hurts!
paul: [wailing]
paul: let's go eat in the restaurant!

because he was so distressed, she agreed, but told him that she needed to go to the bank first.

paul: what's a bank?
my mom: i need to go get some money.
paul: you're going to get some money for me?
my mom: well, sure, okay.

the local branch of her bank is located in an albertsons.

paul: [amazed] the bank has fruit, too?
paul: [picks up a tomato] i like this.

the fun didn't stop there.

the teller: what's your name?
paul: [whispering] paul.
my mom: his name is paul.
the teller: how old are you?
paul: 33.
the teller: are you going to be paul, my friend?
paul: yes.
paul: we are going to the restaurant.

after hearing about all of these adventures, i had to talk to him myself.

me: how are you?
paul: i slept.
me: you did? [i thought he said "slipped"]
paul: and i woke up and fell down and my knee was bweeding.
me: oh no!
paul: we went to the grocery and i picked up a tomato
paul: and i drove in a car cart.
paul: [hands phone to my mom and runs away]
my mom: [laughing] that was a long conversation, wasn't it?

i can't wait to get home and kiss his little knee and hear more about his day.



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