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i've been thinking about christmas for the past couple of days. maybe it's because i sent a friend a christmas ornament for her birthday, maybe it's because it's august and in the past i used to try to get my christmas craft (don't ask) in line by august. whatever the reason, it's time to shop.

cam has already beaten me. he bought the first christmas present of the year a few months back. curses!

it's interesting to see how my christmas list grows and grows. it used to be a pretty short one, but then came the baby explosion of the past few years. it's fun to shop for little kids, but it gets kind of stressful trying to coordinate gifts for the three-year-old set, the one-year-olds, the birth-to-6-months group, etc. etc. etc. yesterday i was debating the merits of "girl" gifts over those of "boy" gifts and was it possible to find a truly gender-neutral gift that wouldn't make the parents sneer? i haven't figured out the answer to that one yet.

cam is amused by my desire to start my shopping, but um, excuse me, mr. already-started-down-that-slippery-slope. besides, i'm in charge, more or less, of the list, leaving cam to pretty much buy only for his family and co-workers. so i need to get started or i'll be paying too much in shipping costs later down the line. (you didn't think i'd go to the mall, did you?)



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