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cam and i used to like to eat at our local souplantation. there were always too many people there, but we always felt so nice and virtuous after a meal that we'd put up with it. we stopped not because we didn't like that healthy feeling, but because we felt that if we ever had the opportunity to eat out without a boy in tow, we needed alcohol. (hence our defection to el torito just next door.)

we had talked about bringing paul there a few times, but we'd see the kind of ridiculous messes other tots would leave and i'd fret over paul's potential mayhem. but last friday we braved it and were pleasantly surprised. paul really liked the "salad place" and behaved charmingly well.

last night when we got home from work, cam and i couldn't decide what to have for dinner. we asked paul, who said very emphatically that we should go to the salad place. (cam and i agreed that paul can always decide for us. we're too of the wishy-washiest people ever. paul clearly didn't inherit that from us.) so we went. i made him a little statue out of a potato, a tomato and an olive. paul examined chopped celery closely before eating it. cam ate two brownies. a good (fairly) healthy time was had by all.



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