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huge scare

this morning -- just like every other morning that we leave paul with my mom -- we gave her a wake-up call. today i did it because cam wasn't quite ready yet. she didn't pick up, but i didn't worry about it because she often doesn't get to the phone before the answering machine kicks in (besides, if you're treating the phone like an alarm clock, surely you wouldn't greet it).

i was kind of surprised when she didn't show up after a few minutes. i called again, left another message. at the same time, i opened the back door and peered at her house. no lights. weird.

so i put on my shoes and went over to her house. the front door was locked (as it should be). i knocked and knocked, but no one answered. i went to her side door and was about to knock when i realized it was open. feeling kind of freaked out, i pushed the door open and called out, "mom?"

one of my biggest fears is that i'm going to come into my mother's house one day and find her dead, so you can imagine the spiraling anxiety in my chest. "mom?" i called out again... and i turned the corner to see her sitting up in bed, hair wild and face baffled. she hadn't heard the phone, she hadn't heard the knocking. i was so relieved to see she was okay that practically the first thing i did upon seeing her was scold her for leaving the door open all night. she laughed sleepily.

gah. i so needed a drink after that experience, but it was only 6:15 am.



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