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"i think we're really active in our home," he says

yesterday cam told me that he thought most people just lived in their houses and didn't necessarily do much to them. thinking back on my parents' home, i could totally see that. we bought furniture, we put stuff away, we tidied and cleaned, but we didn't paint, we didn't remodel, we didn't reinvent. family members call in decorators. coworkers hire painters.

i talk to people at work who take vacations, have lots of friends-and-family activities, go to amusement parks/museums/etc., take classes. such people make me feel lazy, but when i remember how one weekend i painted my bedroom on a whim, i can see that it's just a matter of priorities. for most of the people i know, turning a house into a home only involves moving in and unpacking. for me, it's a labor of love and ingenuity and style. this is what i do.



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