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my child has no sense of time.

he's very interested in clock time, but even that has very little meaning to his life as anything other than the activity of looking up (or asking about) the time.

paul: what time is it on this clock?
paul: what time is it on that clock ober 'dere?
paul: what time is it on the wrong clock?
paul: what time is it on your watch?

when i say he has no sense of time, i mean exactly that. today, right now, tomorrow, when you're eighteen... all garner the same response.

paul: just right now?


me: paul, in a few weeks we're going to a party and you'll get to see s___ again.
paul: just right now?

me: after dinner we'll go to ikea.
paul: just right now?

cam: we're going to gramma grandpa aunty today.
paul: just right now?

it's hilarious but also kind of tiresome.



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