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just add baby

i've been teasing my assistant (and his wife) for their baby registries. you'd think they were having a litter instead of just one small girl. he explained to me that they don't expect to get hardly anything, but their community (family, friends, etc. etc. etc.) would talk shit if they didn't register for a lot of stuff.

example: his wife wants to buy the crib. but they've registered for two, i think. i said, "well, why register for that? it makes perfect sense to buy it yourself." his response was that people would say [cue disdainful voice] "they're not even getting a bed."

in my a.r. way, i compiled a spreadsheet of all of their registries (at least the ones i knew about -- maybe they have others they kept from me). we were all surprised when the total dollar amount came out to over $10k! "who has that kind of a budget?" his wife emailed me, lol-ing.

the baby shower is next weekend. i look forward to seeing if they were right about the gossip and the chintziness of their community.



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