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let them eat cake

my department is very noisy sometimes. today they all came back from lunch together, laughing loud enough to wake the dead. it's a small department, and we've seen so many people come and go -- i think this may be one of the few combinations in place with a mimimum of outsiders. i'm an outsider, sure, but i'm a supervisor -- i expect it. just a price one has to pay for the title, the responsibility and the gobs of cash i'm sure the others aren't making.


it would be nice to be included every once in a while, but it's no big deal. i was a little bummed, however, on wednesday when my boss brought in a carrot cake for the departments to share. death in iced and sliced form. i hid in my office until my eyes returned to normal, maybe two hours. there was also a chocolate cake that looked innocuous enough, but only one knife to cut both. the first person to use the knife on the carrot cake apologized after the fact -- "sorry i forgot, just wasn't on my radar" -- and i bear her no grudge, but it did sadden me that my boss didn't remember, either.



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