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mommy and me

cam went to sleep early last night, so paul and i spent the evening together. (not that i don't normally spend my evenings with paul, i just usually spend them with cam, too.) we had a nice time. we played with blocks, we played with a remote-controlled car, we watched blue's clues and the wiggles. (paul does a mean murray imitation -- i gave him a little banjo and he "play[ed] his guitar with murray" like he had been doing it for years. i guess he has.) i rearranged some furniture and helped him tape a box open so he could go into it. i swiffered the floor and he declared the swiffer (sans swiffer sheets) to be a really large dipstick -- i guess it needed to fit into a really large engine.

then we went to bed and read a house for hermit crab twice. i told him a few charles and boo stories until i fell asleep. i'm guessing he went to sleep shortly thereafter. around a quarter to midnight i retreated to my own bed.

we have such a good time when he's in a good mood -- i didn't get that harrassed single mom feeling i get sometimes when paul's a big crankypants. he charmed me. at moments like these i think i wouldn't mind if cam went to bed early every night. but then i come to my senses.



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