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moody blues

paul was in the worst mood last night when we tried to take him home from his grandparents' house.

first he threw a fit about wanting a bottle -- empty. then he threw a fit when the bottle was empty. and he threw a fit when the bottle was refilled because the milk didn't go all the way to the top. then he threw a fit because he didn't want milk at all. i said fine, it was my milk and i'd drink it. he asked for it back. (like i know i've said previously, the quickest way to get him to eat/drink something is to say i'm going eat/drink it myself.)

he cried almost all the way home and was mean to cam.

paul: me don't like you.
cam: i know.
paul: no, go away.
paul: go away, daddy.
cam: okay, i'll go away.
paul: me don't like you, daddy.
paul: me don't like home.
cam: why don't you like home?
paul: no, go away!

when we got home, i took paul to his room, calmed him down. he agreed to tell cam he was sorry. i called cam over.

me: now what did you want to say to daddy?
paul: me don't like you.
me: argh.

this went on for a while, but by the time cam told me to just go to bed (according to him i looked exhausted) they seemed to be on good terms. pokemon music videos were watched, teeth were brushed.

sometime after midnight i woke up to cam bringing paul into our bed. he had apparently wet his own bed and was most unhappy. from that point on i was on call.

i was awake every half hour. paul seemed to be having some pretty nasty dreams. he'd fidget, kick, stretch out, cry out, whine. i'd get him milk just to settle him down. he stretched out so much i had to move him from the middle to the outside (against the bedrail) just so that he didn't kick cam off the bed.

of course, as is usually the case, paul's sleep became less troubled somewhere around the time we had to wake up. we figure he might sleep until ten, the lucky duck. i just drink my coffee and rub my eyes wearily. poor cam, i'm sure he's doing the same.



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