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more like a wedding reception

saturday afternoon we went to a baby shower for my assistant and his wife. we almost didn't make it -- cam was in a lot of pain -- but i'm glad we went (and i thanked cam for toughing it out) because i would have felt awful if i had missed it. my assistant would have made my life hell.

this was no ordinary baby shower. they rented out a banquet room at a dave & buster's out near santa anita (awful parking, by the way). there were a lot of people there (including three other people from work) -- big families and lots of friends. paul was intrigued by the arcade. in the back there was an enormous claw game, so of course he had to try that. most of the games were pretty lame -- and their card value system was diabolical -- but paul found it all very colorful, interesting and overstimulating.

my friend warned us all that her baby was a foot-grabber, but that didn't prepare me for the feel of a tiny hand on my toe. eek! i jumped, much to my friend's amusement. i know i'm going to hear about this for a while. she put her daughter on the floor on a blanket, and the wee thing had managed to creep across the floor to my apparently very attractive foot. she's such a cute baby. we all had to laugh when her mom explained how she's afraid of clapping -- which made paul clap! cruel child. i guess he wanted to know what would happen.

the food was surprisingly good, much better than we expected from a chain sports bar/arcade/"entertainment" center. i had a special order vegetarian pasta primavera with feta and it was yummy. it took them forever to get it to me -- which infuriated my assistant and his wife -- but that's a different story entirely.

it was interesting seeing my assistant out of the context of work. i had met his wife before and he was quite different in her presence (they were so "on" they were exhausting. nonstop comedy routine. most couples have a schtick, but good heavens.), but surrounded by his friends and family he was different yet again. i didn't see all the weirdness he had worried about in the weeks prior to the shower, but i spent most of my time trying to keep paul happy. let me tell you, maneuvering through an arcade while carrying a three-dozen pound child is not easy.

i wish we had stayed long enough to see the opening of the gifts, but it was getting late. my coworkers had already left. my friend and i had put money together for a shirt for my assistant. i would have liked to see his reaction to it.



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