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cam told me a story on the way home yesterday afternoon: his boss had gone into the office of a woman in his department. she was typing, but he went in anyway and proceeded to strike up a conversation. she participated in the conversation (obviously, otherwise i would have said that he had launched into a monologue), but continued to type. he asked her how she could do that (type and talk). it went over her head. after he left her office, she stepped outside and told the guys sitting outside (cam and two others) about the exchange. it became evident that she totally misunderstood what the boss had asked when she asked the guys if they knew how to touch-type.

cam's response was so very cute and unexpected that i burst out laughing. yeah, he had said, he could touch-type, but he couldn't have a conversation while typing because then he'd end up typing what he was saying. (i'm laughing as i type this.} then he said -- kindly, perhaps -- that i could probably do the same thing that she had done. his coworkers agreed that this sort of activity was not really something men tended to be very successful at.

this takes us back to a conversation that cam and i have had on more than one occasion: his inability to multitask, which sometimes makes him a less than entertaining i.m. partner. i have been challenged to show him one contrary example: a man who can multitask. right now he has three others ("who are not stupid," he points out) to prove that this is not just his problem.

me: but look, you're driving and talking at the same time.
cam: but this is brain-dead driving. [important to note that we were about three minutes from home]
cam: now if we were somewhere...
me: where you'd have to think?
cam: yeah.

then once we were in the driveway:
cam: i can have a conversation...
cam: i can talk...
me: but you can't get out of the car at the same time.
cam: feh on you.

inside the house:
me: i can work, i can i.m., i can talk on the phone...
me: and shop all at the same time.
cam: how i love you.



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