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murders, kidnappings and rape, oh my!

i don't think i'll ever understand my mother's fascination with court tv. it's not that i don't see the appeal of such a channel (because i do, crime is fascinating), but it's a little weird how she sits in her house in practically the dark and watches re-enactments of murders. i watched with her the other night and one show was fine until it was revealed that they hadn't caught the murderer yet.

GAH. i SO don't want to know stuff like that. "he could be my neighbor!" my mom laughed at me.

it's so strange -- this is a woman who once preferred sci-fi to practically anything else because the bad guys weren't necessarily human. if bad things were happening to good folks, well... the good folks weren't necessarily human, either. if everyone was human, well, they were in a land/time/whatnot far far away and stuff like that couldn't possibly happen in the here and now.

now my mom watches these crime shows without a second thought. me, i can watch crime fiction. i can watch ripped-from-the-headlines shit. i used to love "the new detectives" until i got the idea that maybe cam was trying to kill me. but put me in front of "america's most wanted" and i'm checking the locks and under the bed.

i wonder when things changed for my mom. when did she become more accepting of the fact that humans do bad things to each other? or does watching these things desensitize her to the crap going on outside our doors?



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