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when paul was a wee baby, we tried to introduce him to a few soft pals we had hoped he'd adopt as lovies. one was a little white blanket with a sort of bear-thing head, the other was a blue rabbit-thing that looked just like the white one, but it had long ears and a body instead of a blanket. he didn't really care for either one. we got some good pictures of him hugging the blue one, but he had no real interest in it.

several months ago we determined that the blue one's name was charles. i can't remember why. my mother referred to him as charlie, but i knew that the blue thing preferred formality. i think it once had a real manufacturer-given name, but i can't remember what it was. the company isn't around anymore, so i can't check. i do recall, however, that the white one was officially named mr. boo.

in the past month, paul has become increasingly attached to mr. boo. he has christened him "boo boo" and carries him around the house, calling him "my baby." it's so cute. just the other day i stuffed the fuzzy thing into my diaper bag when we went out, making him magically appear at random places -- delighting paul and potentially amusing strangers.

last night i reminded paul about charles, who was tucked away in a pocket organizer hanging on a door. i handed him to paul, who hugged him and declared, "this is my baby." i found boo boo in another room and we put him together with charles in a little megablok wagon. paul went to check on them every hour or so.

it never occurred to me that the next stage after lovey was baby.



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