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scratch and sniff

lately paul has shown a real love for an old book of mine, the sweet smell of strawberryland. it is a "sniffy book," meaning that it has some scratch and sniff stickers/decals/whatever scattered throughout the pages (intrinsic to the story, of course). do they still make these? based on the logo, it looks like they must have at some point been tied to richard scarry.

paul just loves this book. last night we read it twice -- my mother said that they had read it a million times during the day.

this particular book is funny to me because 1) it's 26 years old, 2) the sniffy parts still work, and 3) one of those sniffy parts is of a green pepper. a green pepper. have you ever wondered what a green pepper scratch and sniff sticker would smell like? paul and i know quite well.

the day before paul observed me scratching the book, then smelling my fingernail (the artificial scent of green peppers can be overwhelming, you understand) instead of the book. he copies that now, preferring to smell his fingers. (shut up with the smell-my-finger jokes.) last night, i scratched paul lightly, then sniffed my nails.

me: smells like paul.
paul: [scratching me]
paul: [sniffing his nails]
paul: [solemnly] smells like mommy.



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