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the box

about a month or so ago, i ordered an outdoor clock from target. it was damaged in shipping (it never made it to me), so customer service arranged for a replacement.

when it arrived, i had to think really hard about what i had ordered because it sure wasn't obvious from the outside. target/amazon had packaged my order in such a way to guarantee that it wouldn't be damaged the second time around: my clock (maybe 18 inches in diameter?) was shipped in the biggest amazon box i had ever seen in my life. it would easily fit a chair. assembled. the box was filled with at least 50-60 of those little airbag packing things, still attached in long strings. when i opened the box, i had to dig and dig to find the little box that actually held the clock.

paul was astonished and quickly adopted the giant smiling box as his own. he wouldn't let me get rid of the plastic bags -- he wanted to pretend he was taking a bath. (how's that for safety? i can't believe i'm admitting on the internet that i let my child sit in a box full of plastic bags.) i had to provide "soap" and a "drain" to make that image complete.

we still have the box, but i've managed to toss the plastic airbags. the box has been a train, a car, a boat, a spaceship, an elevator, a house and blue's clues' "anything box" (which is kind of surreal, if you think about it). it's considerably more beat-up now than it was when i received it, but we'll be keeping it for as long as paul wants it around. it's funny how i was so worked up about the red ikea playhouse when it's so clear that paul is happy with a box.



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