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for the third night in a row, paul has been sleeping in his own room. if this keeps up, maybe we can move his bed (the top bunk for his broken bunk bed) out of our room and let him sleep on that instead of the mattress on the floor.

i feel a bit ridiculous over all of this bed-shopping. seriously, he doesn't need a bunk bed -- he can't even sleep on the top bunk until he's six. we shouldn't even be fussing about bed-shopping. we've talked about just getting a cheap bedframe for his room, steadfastly ignoring the fact that we have an extra bed in our room. i think i'm reluctant because i have a fear that as soon as we move it, he'll insist that he doesn't want to sleep in there anymore. i just know that as soon as i put the finishing touches on the bed in his room, he'll shout, "jinx!" and we'll be back to cosleeping. not that this is a bad thing, but... well, i'm enjoying sleeping on my own bed again.



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