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5-minute playdate

paul: [climbing into box] it's a boat.
me: where are you going?
paul: caterlincha.
me: catalina?
paul: no, caterlincha.
me: is it far?
paul: no, it's close.
paul: it's just right there. [pointing]
paul: it's medium.
me: okay.
paul: catermumpa.
me: [shaking the box] look, the waves are really turbulent.
me: and we have to be careful of rocks.
paul: there's a rock!
me: oh no! [shaking the box]
paul: [giggling] more!
paul: there's a rock right there!
paul: and there! [pointing]
paul: we're almost to caperhinta.
me: we need to be more careful or the boat will get a hole in it.
paul: me want a hole in the boat.
me: but then it will sink.
paul: me want it to sink.
paul: it will be a submarine!
me: um, okay.
paul: [climbing out of the box]
me: are we swimming?
paul: yes.
me: [lying down on the floor] i'm swimming away.
paul: [lying down next to me] i'm swimming with you.
paul: [rolling away] i'm getting away!
me: oh no! paul, where are you?
paul: i'm over here.
me: i'm sinking.
paul: i'm back. [tugging on my arm]
paul: i'm going to save you.
me: oh, thank you, paul.
me: let's swim.
paul: okay.



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