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it has always been very hard for me to get rid of keychains. as a teen, i managed to wreck the ignition of my car because i had too many damned things dangling from my keys. it was not unusual for me to have at least six or seven keychains... per key.

i have since pared down the keychains, sort of. i may have almost as many, but they are smaller and less likely to do any serious damage to anyone or anything. (my poor old car. the family "learn-to-drive" car, it was already about ten years old when i got it. i think it aged at least five years in the year or so i had it.) larger or heavier "sentimental" keychains are just hooked together and stored in a desk drawer. in recent attempts to clean up my house, i tossed out a few, but i felt guilty about each and every one of them, even the freebies.

in retrospect, maybe i need to get rid of that sense of guilt about throwing stuff out more than i need to get rid of the keychains. perhaps that guilt is the underlying cause for my keychainitis.



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