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chocolate-dipped secrecy

during the hottest days of summer, cam and i developed a naughty secret habit -- after picking me up from work, we'd go to the mcdonald's drive-thru (right by the carpool onramp to the 110s) to buy ice cream cones. initially i'd have the vanilla and cam would have the chocolate, but after a few weeks of this i gave into the magic-shell magic that is the mcdonald's chocolate-dipped cone.

on days we didn't have ice cream but still wanted something cold and sweet, we'd stop by the starbucks drive-thru (off the torrance offramp of the 110s) for frappuccinos, a tall coffee no-whip for me and a tall banana mocha no-whip for cam.

this was probably the most fattening summer of my life.

but all good things must come to an end. the banana mocha frapp turned out to be seasonal. the ice cream runs stopped when one day we were shocked to see that the price had doubled since the last time we had one.

me: it's 79 cents' worth of good.
me: but twice that?
cam: it's not that good.

sure, it's hardly expensive, but good heavens. so that was the end of that. occasionally, when we pass that mcdonald's, i feel a little wistful, but i'm moving on. i miss my cold sweets, but i kind of missed my waistline more.



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