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i really should say this more: cam is an amazing, astonishing, accomplished person.

even when i'm furious with him (fyi -- i'm not furious with him right now), i still have to acknowledge that he is brilliant. he has solutions for just about everything. he is redoing our sprinkler system in the backyard and is so confident about it, even though he has never done this kind of stuff before. he knows how to use power tools and yet fixed a lampshade with needle and thread. he can be trusted to pick out a stylish purse. he can clip paul's fingernails and brush his teeth (although not simultaneously).

(doesn't it sound like cam would make a very good woman?)

he does the tasks i don't want to deal with. he calls the bug people when he spies wasps nests. he looks after the bills. he watches tv shows with paul that i can't stand. he carries heavy things.

i think we make a decent team, although i do feel like his life would be much improved if my ability to multi-task didn't mean i could work and nag at the same time.

love you, sweetie.



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