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deadbeat fan

i can't believe i didn't know about the existence of the ten years of blue's clues special. feh on me. what kind of a steve and blue fan am i? the horror. and i never even wrote about the end of the blue's baby brother thing (cam and i deleted that thing asap -- which is a bit of a shame because paul has been asking about it).

anyway, i watched the brief documentary (you can catch it on the nick jr. site) with cam. too cute. the beginnings of the show are really interesting. loved the little segments with steve and donovan. (and steve's secret reason for leaving was very cute.) cam is going to take their beatbox version of the mail song and turn it into a ringtone for my cell. yay! the little scenes over the credits were interesting. jessica alba? bruce willis? robin williams? nick cannon (i think)? looks like they ambushed people at an awards show.

it was kind of weird, though, that they didn't address the end of the show. i mean, it's not like they're making new shows, but considering that they have a constantly renewable audience, it's not like they need to.



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