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different reaction

this morning i told my friend that paul didn't want me to put him to bed anymore. as a fellow mommy-of-one, i expected a bit of sympathy.

her response? you must be so happy!

eh? she was looking at it from a purely practical point of view. less work for me! but because her 6+-month-old child so clearly prefers her, she doesn't yet know how painful it is to try to console a toddler who believes at that very moment that daddy is the only one worth knowing.

cam tries to cheer me up.

cam: say good night to mommy.
paul: good night.
cam: and tell her you love her.
paul: love her.
cam: see?

it's so cute, but so tear-inducing because just a few short days before i was the only one who could read to him and make him sleep. in a few days, things will probably be back to normal (just as i get used to the new schedule), but right now it's still all so very sad.



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