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i get obsessed really easily. painfully easily. right now i am still obsessing over the way shane west croons, "baby." swoony mcswoon. alas.

that said, i have only written one fan letter-thingy (email) in my life, and that was to heather armstrong. she didn't write back, but i didn't expect her to.

cam tried to sign me up for frenz of the enz, but they took his money and our love and gave him nothing in return. feh on you, peter green.

just joined a steve burns fan club. the steve site i semi-frequent didn't even tell me that the tmbg tribute album came out. feh on them. i need more news. the steve love is all-a-twitter after the blue's clues anniversary documentary. how i love a balding soft man in his middle-30s. if he happened to be an IT guy in a former life, i'd join his harem for sure.



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