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february 2001: "organizing a hall closet"

last night i completed my first real simple challenge. the top shelf is still kind of empty, but i am actually not sure what should go there. to get to this point, i:

moved some of cam's not-regularly used shoes from the living room shoe rack to the hall closet shoe rack
removed a mid-size travel bag from the second shelf
put said mid-size travel bag inside suitcase sitting on the floor
put suitcase on second shelf
picked up electric jack, car emergency kit and first aid kit from floor and put them on the second shelf
rearranged jackets and coats by length (they were already divided by owner -- cam and i are the only ones with coats in there -- plus they already had matching wood hangers)
put two little used jackets on back hooks of closet behind hanging rod (if they are still unused after say, six months, out they go)
bought a plastic set of drawers
removed various hats and scarves from hooks stuck to inside of closet door
arranged hats and now-folded scarves into drawers
removed one hook (suddenly have an excess of hooks) from the door and used goof-off to remove the adhesive residue
took hats from paul's room and hung them on the closet door hooks

it looks nice in there. i feel like it's not quite done, but it's more done than it has ever been and i'm pleased. as a final touch, cam tugged on everything on the second shelf to make sure they wouldn't come barreling down when the closet door is opened. he seemed satisfied, too.



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