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injury report

paul: i fly through the door.
paul: i scraped my knees on the side of the door.
me: oh no!
me: are you okay?
paul: gramma took care of my feet.
paul: i got two little socks, see?
paul: goes up to there because they aren't long enough, see?
my mom: paul, she can't see.

losing interest, he walked away from the phone.

if you're interested, here's the story behind the "two little socks": my mom explained that she had blamed the foot scrapes on his disdain for shoes, so he grudgingly relented to put some on. back in our house, she found the shoes but not the socks. what to do? she cut up a pair of white pantyhose to MAKE him a pair. har! she cut them unevenly, so now he is the proud owner of a pair of lopsided slightly sheer white socks. he likes the longer one because he can pull it up to his knee. i hope he's still wearing them when we get home tonight.



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