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new storage solutions

finished setting up my mom's bookcases -- during the first one, i forget what we watched. the second one, we watched an ep of stargate. the last one, i believe we were watching the fashion police special on the emmys. we're tvaholics over there. when i was putting up her bathroom cabinet, we were watching "$40-a-day" and a world's craziest police chases kind of show. now it feels like we're always watching "parco, p.i."

it looks great. she's been weeding out stuff and there's definitely a sense of space that wasn't there before. she's using decorative boxes and baskets on the shelves to cut down on the visual clutter (a good trick -- the insides of the boxes don't need to be so neat!). plus she got a nice new lcd tv (jealousy!) that fits the center bookcase perfectly. my favorite spot is the bottom right corner. open the door and paul's toys are inside, including a cute little kitchen set-up. it's adorable and it's out of sight.

sigh. i love storage.



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