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not all that simple

i am letting my long-running subscription to "real simple" lapse. as fond as i am of that magazine, it makes me feel inferior ("martha stewart living" has the same effect, but jesu cristo, it's martha. we are ALL inferior.). flipping through the pages of "real simple," i see stuff about organizing one's home, one's life, one's family, one's work -- and i can't tell if you're supposed to do these all simultanously. i just end up feeling tired after reading that magazine, and those damned things are thick! i'd still be reading the february issue in june.

but just because i'm cutting my subscription doesn't mean that i'll give up on my plans to one day be "THAT organized mom." to that end, i developed a new goal for myself.

me: what is that look?
cam: nothing.
me: oh, like i don't have enough to do?
cam: [smirk]

every sunday, i will take a back issue and select one organizational challenge. if it's a long-term type thing that requires purchases (that won't get here within a week), then i can place whatever orders and then pick something else that will be accomplishable within my one-week timeframe.

i pulled out an issue last night to see what i was getting myself into. it was from 2001 and i swear, it was about a quarter of the size of the current issues. there seemed to be only one applicable article -- about organizing the hallway closet. (other articles included organizing your gym bag (ha! what gym?) and learning life lessons from panda bears (uh-huh, sure).) i took a look at our hallway closet and cringed. perfect. it's a really small spot, there's too much crammed in there, and i've been meaning to get to it for ages. because it didn't really look like a full week's worth of project, i started last night. paul was most amused. i put a scarf on him. "do i look like a woman?" he took the scarf off and put on a fisherman hat. "do i look like a mailman?"

i think this could be fun in ways that no one at home could ever understand.



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