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off his schedule

because of yesterday's special guest(s), paul didn't take a nap until 5 pm. unfortunately, because he woke up at 6 am, he simply would not rouse from his nap until 7 pm. (we tried. honestly.) cam was able to put him down for bed again before midnight, but the overtired, overstimulated child was up again at 3:30. he couldn't sleep without tears. we snuggled on a chair until almost 4:30, but even that was fraught with struggles -- he'd turn slightly, freak himself out and suddenly burst out in sniffly crying. when he finally relaxed enough to pass out, i put him back on his bed and crawled into mine, where general achiness kept me up for about another half hour. good lord.

i hope things return to normal today. i don't think cam and i could take another late night like that in the middle of the week.



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