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while checking out the daily click (which is a regular feature of a great blog, by the way), i immediately became enamored of eq3's slotted pillow set.

i had to tell cam about it.

me: look at this brilliance
i would love to have a floor pillow thing like that
cameron: har! that is a funnies
me: it's very clever and very silly at the same time
i think the best floor pillows must be dog beds
and i would buy some
but then someone would come over and say, "why is your child sleeping on a dog bed?"
and then child services would take him away
cameron: we could embroider "baby" on it
me: har!

oh yeah, i can see that going over really well with child services. "sure, it's a dog bed, but it was an expensive one. and look -- we had it personalized!"



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