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postal workings

last night i decided that cam is no longer in charge of paper mail. he may be in charge of paying bills electronically -- and god bless him, as long as bills get paid, he can live -- but his inability to do things like OPEN envelopes without prompting... well, that's my job now.

a long time ago, a boy managed to make a wreckage of his girlfriend's credit. this girlfriend of his, well, she had worked rather methodically to amass a considerably amount of credit while still quite young, so she was rather distressed to see the ruins of her hard work. she struggled with the bills (which should not be surprising, considering how initially SHE was the only fulltime employee in their household -- and making about a third of what she makes now), and in frustration showed them to the boyfriend, who threw a hissy fit (for reasons understood only by himself) to shame drag queens and promptly took the bill-paying reins in hand . end result... she washed her hands of the entire task!

fast-forward a few years. they are now married. the bills are now manageable. he occasionally sorts through the mail to give her things to pay (with checkbook and first-class stamp). that is about it for her involvement. she is satisfied with this.

fast-forward a few years more. he has become increasingly lax about sorting through the mail. papers pile up on flat surfaces galore. he has developed a really aggravating habit of picking one or two items of mail from the stack, ripping open the envelopes, looking at the contents, then leaving the contents and torn envelopes with the rest of the mail. a trash can left in a strategic place is ignored. she makes several efforts -- ultimately in vain -- to get him organized. he shamefacedly thanks her but goes on his merry (and oblivious) way. payments are occasionally late. sigh.

there are many, many things that come easily to cam. neatness and organization are not among those things -- facts i've known forever, but i left things as they were. inertia. i just didn't want to deal with it. this was cam's deal. why should i be inconvenienced? it was easier to be irritated than it was to take action.

this past sunday, i went through the piles of mail and discovered things that needed paying. discovered that he was auto-paying bills for cell service we stopped using three months ago. discovered that the car registration was late. he winced.

here's the deal: he continues doing what he's doing (well, except maybe paying for the cell service we don't use anymore) and i will monitor the mail. stuff that gets autopaid, i will file away. stuff that needs attention, i will attend. he's embarrassed, but i think he's relieved. i am, too. it's about time i gave up my petty ways and looked at this as a team effort.



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