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recently i decided that the finn shrine in my living room was looking a little old, so i made plans to replace at least one of the framed pictures. (woohoo for variety.)

there was a red crowded house ad (bought off ebay) that was a little too small for its frame, so i chose that to be the sacrificial lamb. even though i am NOT crazy about the newish finn tribute album, i figured a scan of the cover art might be a nice addition to the wall. at the last minute, i put up a crowded house "farewell to the world" poster instead, a freebie that came with an album purchase. paul helped me put it up.

me: does that look okay?
paul: i guess so.

this, too, is a little too small for the frame (but too big for the mat, so i left it out), but it actually doesn't look so bad. i just need to trim it out somehow -- maybe some red paper?

moments after it went up, paul changed his mind about it.

paul: mommy?
me: yes?
paul: take it down.
me: why? i thought you liked it.
paul: the dog is looking at me.
paul: it is kind of ug-uly.
me: yeah, it is.
me: but let's leave it up tonight and ask daddy about it in the morning.
paul: okay.

cam likes it, so it's still up. every other day or so paul reminds me that it's ugly, but i think it's growing on both of us.



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