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i have been working on refreshing cam's wardrobe. true, he only wears jeans and t-shirts, but sometimes when i do the laundry i look at his stuff and think, "how that hell can i let him go out like that? jesus." after months of telling cam we needed to get to old navy (since that's where he buys most of his clothes), we finally went -- and left emptyhanded. we tried target, but that was kind of a wash. so i took over and ordered him stuff from lands end. out with the old, in with the new. the shirts are sturdy and wash well. the jeans are simple enough to meet with his approval. now i just need to get him some new shoes.

i wish this process were as simple (and inexpensive) for me. i do need to rework my off-work clothes, though, so maybe i can simplify. there were once plans for a "uniform," but that didn't really work. i think it was too ambitious. fact is, though, i've backslid in a big way. when i'm not at work, i am usually wearing sweats and one of cam's t-shirts (the four i wear the most: a curious george one i bought him that is now too small for him, freebies from newegg and two different apple stores). if i'm not wearing those shirts, i'm either wearing my goldenboy or my smashing pumpkins t-shirts. gah.



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