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second, part two

june 2005: "what is your most useful shortcut?" (the "your words" feature)

the winner: sahm fits exercise into her day by playing with her children
this is really cute. i love this. if i were a sahm, i'd be all over this. but as it is, when i get home from work, i'm lucky if i can even stand for more than a few minutes at a time, much less play. yeah, i suck. i don't really know how to play.

the rest:
a month's worth of cooking in a day
we have talked this over so many times. i'd be happy with a week's worth -- but it ain't happenin' anytime soon. maybe one day, when the kitchen is done, when the backyard is done, when we've cleared out the basement so i can have easy access to the chest freezer...

garlic and oil in a bottle in the fridge (to replace chopping/peeling for recipes requiring both)
i like this. i want to try it. my dad used to keep vinegar and chopped garlic in a little bottle in our fridge. it smelled rather strong, but he used it regularly so it didn't go rancid or anything. not that i have any idea what he actually used it on, but it made him happy and that's all that counts.

double cookie recipe, bake half, freeze other half
considering we buy prepackaged allergen-free cookie mix, i'm not sure how we'd accomplish this short of mixing together two boxes. i'm just not brave enough to try my hand of making my own cookies.

buying meat in bulk, many different marinades
we do buy meat in bulk -- a big bag of chicken breasts from costco. i'll cook meat occasionally, but i'll be damned if i'll have raw meat in marinades in my refrigerator. gross. the vegetarian here gets to object every once in a while.

buying prewashed, precut veggies
the vegetarian here also gets sheepish because she's such a poor eater. we must start doing this. the other day paul looked up at my mom and asked, "do you have any vegetables?" the shame!

setting up the crock pot the night before
i've done this before and liked it. don't know why i stopped. oh wait, i know, because we go to the grocery approximately once a month!

combined preprinted grocery/to-do list
good idea -- we always buy the same items, always run the same errands

index card in purse with useful replacement info (air filter dimensions, vacuum bag size, etc.)
interesting. not sure about the index card, but i could put that stuff in my pda (and old handspring visor i am wanting to use again)

fridge bottom shelf designated as kids' snack central
paul has his own fridge for milk (the little refrigerator at the bottom of the water cooler). perhaps i should put little paul-snacks down there, too. intriguing idea.

weekly clothing organizer for kids
paul might be a little too young for this right now, but i dig it.

make/freeze baby food
that time is long gone. well, maybe if we have another kid.

self-sufficiency for children
i need to start working on this.

washable duvet cover instead of top sheet
already done. love it.

clean a room or two/do a load of laundry in order to free up weekend
not a bad idea, but i think i'd rather just not clean at all.

disinfecting wipes in bathroom, glass and furniture-polish wipes for other rooms
already done.

hiring a cleaning service
cam, are you listening? we did this in two apartments and it was fab. we tried one housecleaning service and it sucked, but we were supposed to find a new one...

wash shower while taking one
already done -- but not often enough (the washing of the shower, not the taking of showers).

maintaining separate file for tax deductions with duplicate checks
i don't even want to think about this.

copy important info from emails and paste into pda
planning on doing this once i get my pda-legs back under me. it's been a long time. i used mine all the time until they did something at work IT-wise and i was told i couldn't hotsync up anymore. feh on them.

cell phone as personal phone book
i think i'll keep info in my pda instead. i'm not really crazy about my cell.

pack lunches, set up morning needs (including timer on coffeepot) the night before
great idea, but really, our morning needs can't really be set up the night before. the only thing we can really do is set out the straws for the nutritional drinks and make sure our travel mugs are clean.

swiffer dusters, windex wipes in car for quick free-moment cleaning
cam doesn't keep swiffer dusters in the car, but he does have wipes and this big brush thing that i guess works like a swiffer for the outside of the car. maybe i should get him some dusters for the inside.

using carpooling time more efficiently to get errands, phone calls done
the morning commute is for sleep. the afternoon commute is for conversation.

portable firepit as neighborhood ice-breaker
hell no. why would antisocial people want neighborly love? they should be glad we haven't put barbed wire around the house. we have a neighbor who is only too happy to stick his head over the fence and scare the living beejeezus out of me while i'm working back there. not that he has any special feeling for me, though -- i think he might for cam, actually.

kitchen shears for everything
maybe i'm just weird, but i can't imagine cutting food with scissors.

avoid procrastination

carry plastic document holder with address book, stamps, checkbook, current bills, notecards, special dates to make more efficient use of waiting time
i am going to have to do this. a traveling office, sort of. since i'm now in charge of the mail, this has a special timeliness that i like.

looking over this list, i think i would like to try to integrate the preprinted lists and portable office into my life this week. there are a few others that i would also like to do, but they revolve around grocery shopping, which i can never guarantee will be done by any given time. the pda-related ones might take me a bit more time to implement because i'm like a baby again with that thing.

i've got the other "real simple" article to review -- wonder if i'll have any other tips to add to my list? in a sick way, i love this. it's like having homework.



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