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the force

paul is interested in guns -- but they should be ray guns or light guns or bubble guns. no bullets for this boy. i can't think of where he might have even heard of a gun unless he's been watching our tivo'd crime shows while we're asleep, but then again, maybe he watches the sci-fi channel with my mom during the day

speaking of sci-fi weapons, he's also interested in light sabers, and even though paul claims that his grandfather has shown him "star wars" ("that's my job," says cam sadly), i kind of doubt the boy has the attention span to get very far through it.

paul: [puts book on floor in front of cam] this is a good book.
cam: return of the jedi?

paul: who is that? [pointing]
cam: you know. tell me.
paul: toyota.
cam: [laughing] that's yoda.
cam: but you can call him that.
paul: toyoda.
paul: i can call him that.

paul: who is that? [pointing]
cam: tell me.
paul: darth vader.
cam: i am impressed by your knowledge of star wars.



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