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the shirt

my assistant told us the complete story of the shirt.

my friend's been out all week with strep (which she unintentionally shared with the coworker sitting next to her at the shower), so this was her first day back.

apparently there was mass confusion once his wife opened the gift bag (he wasn't looking at her at the time, so he didn't realize what was going on). she was holding up this t-shirt, looking at it with a puzzled face. finally her cousins asked her what the shirt said.

"yes, dear," she replied, turning the shirt around.

silence. then befuddled chat.

my assistant suddenly heard the topic of conversation and turned around. "who is that from?" he asked. when she told him, he went urgh! and at that very moment lightbulbs flashed all throughout the room.

"yes, dear! that's good! girl, make him put that on!"
"i want one for my boyfriend!"
"put it on!"

he managed to escape without having to wear it that day, but i think his resistance will be ultimately futile.

the next day on the phone, his mom sweetly commented that "yes, dear" should apply to his relationship with her, too. he threw his hands in the air.

we got him good.



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