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three months

gave my assistant his review. because i know he's so hard on himself, i tried really hard -- harder than usual -- to put my criticism in a friendly light. i had talked to him about his review while i was in the process of writing it, and i emphasized how progress was key. i pointed out issues and i think i was very open about what needed to be done. i did this because i refuse to blindside my employees on review day. the review i wrote was, i think, cautiously positive.

my assistant read the review and smiled and murmured to himself. i think my boss was a little heavyhanded on the praise because he could tell from my writing that it wasn't like any that i had done before. positive, but not glowing. my boss emphasized that this was a "very honest" review, which made me internally snort a little. i was getting a little worried until my assistant blurted out:

she knows me too well! i've gotten a lot of good reviews over the years but this one is nearly perfect because i can't even complain about anything because it's all true!

we all laughed. i think his feelings may have been a bit hurt by some of the ratings, but i think it went well overall.



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