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for the past couple of days, paul has really been pushing the "i'm too old" angle for most of the toys in his room. to cheer him up, we bought him a remote (but not radio) controlled dump truck, but it hasn't helped. (when we got home, he just cried that he wanted the other one.)

cam and paul had a conversation about paul being too big for lots of his toys, like, for example, the busy ball popper -- which, of course, resulted in cam going under the house to retrieve said busy ball popper.

paul: the ball popper?
cam: yes, you remember that?
paul: let me see it.
me: oh, now you've done it.
cam: [grimace]

so out came the ball popper. we watched balls... pop. i chased them down to keep them from rolling under the entertainment center. paul seemed pleased with it. i sighed because i hated that stupid thing and i was glad to see it go under the house.

earlier tonight paul finally pushed it away with the declaration that it was "too old." well, i guess it was a good idea to point out specific toys in their age discussion, but couldn't cam have picked something a bit less exciting?



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