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destination: basement

i have washed and dried three loads of laundry in four nights, and i'm not sure how i feel about it.

it's great that i don't find myself with a mountain of wash to this weekend, but laundry is kind of time-consuming. i guess i shouldn't complain, though, considering that all that time used to come out of my weekends. but it is kind of weird to be spending weekday time wondering if the dryer is done.

i have realized through this exercise that part of the reason why i save up my laundry to do all at once is (well, aside from the obvious fact that i have ALWAYS done it this way) that the washer and dryer have always been located in a place can be easily avoided.

in my parents' home, the w/d were in the garage. sure, we went into the garage all the time, but being that you actually had to exit the house via the front door to get into the garage, this wasn't exactly something you wanted to do at night in your pajamas. and what if someone inside accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) locked the front door while you were in the garage? eeesh.

then in college, the laundry room was always rather far away. the one in the dorms was far and small -- and college students are so callous -- so if you wanted to do laundry, you had to be prepared to use a nice solid chunk of time to accomplish this because you and your stuff were screwed if you left anything unattended in an off washer or a dryer. i hated to think that hands other than mine were handling my stuff, so i would go there with my books and study. in my apartment building, the washers were in this creepy dark area with metal grates instead of windows, so i'd get up really early in order to be able to do my wash in its entirety in DAYLIGHT hours.

once cam and i were ensconced in shared living quarters, we learned that people in apartments not in college were just as bad as people in apartments in college. when we moved to torrance, we started taking our wash back to our respective parents' houses on wednesday nights. it was nice. cam would drop me off (or he'd come in for dinner) after work, then pick me up around 10-11ish.

now we live in a house with a washer and dryer in the basement. i have no earthly reason to go down to the basement except to do laundry, so i could conceivably leave the basement on sunday night and not see it again until the following saturday. we have a chest freezer down there, but because it's a little hard to access (don't ask) we don't really use it much.

despite attempts to cozy up the basement -- and trust me, it is vastly cozier than it was when we moved in (the floor has been painted purple, the walls are lavender, the wall of heaters and other such dusty stuff are covered with several pretty martha stewart shower curtains) -- it's still a dark little hole. there's too much stuff and not enough light. the stairs are not lit at all and they are ridiculously shallow and steep. the door to the basement is in the fridge room, which can be accessed either from the outside (the exterior door is a heavy wooden thing with a porthole and an old fashioned lock) or from the kitchen (open doorway). we had to put a baby gate in the open doorway from the kitchen because, honestly, a closed basement door when you're in the basement is scary and depressing. cold concrete floor? check. bare bulb in the ceiling? check. where's the torture chair?

i guess i'll keep at this for a few weeks more. if i feel like i'm not really getting ahead, i'll just go back to weekend laundry.



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