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this evening paul showed off some of that wonderful childish innocence that makes toddlerhood such a joy.

sitting on the floor, he was busily constructing some sort of strange marble-balancing mazelike contraption out of "fiddlesticks" and quite earnestly explaining to my mother and myself that it was a vibrator.

i was laughing so hard my mascara was smudging rather unattractively under my eyes. my mother was laughing like a fiend. we were gasping for air.

considering we had been trying to convince him earlier that he was not building a gun (despite all his claims to the contrary), i guess this was an improvement.

he was not unaware of the sensation he was causing, even if he didn't understand it.

paul: [pointing at the structure] this is a vibrating thing.
paul: [pointing at me] laugh.
paul: [still pointing at me] too much.

i need to take a picture of this thing. i'm pretty sure it doesn't look like any sex toy i've ever seen before.



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